Main ramp July 11

CALLVILLE Bay will be close to this in September. Photo 7-11-13.

Nobody says it more often than I do. The half-time score doesn’t mean a thing.

But if you like comparisons, it might be worth noting that the Lake Mead ‘summerfest’ (AKA U.S. Open) is running significantly ahead of schedule with regard to early, paid entrants. Ninety-three (93)–the official number of boaters signed up today–is way ahead of the 2012 count.

True, last year, there was a late rush and it turned out to be a pretty good field. But when I see 93 compared to 53 pros at the same time a year ago, that’s a dramatic increase.

But yes. It kind of is a “half-time” score and no one can truly gauge the potential responses in the weeks ahead. But even the most jaded tournament bystander would have to see this as a positive. Heck, maybe that number alone will spur some interest to participate.

Reasons? Everyone’s motivation is different. There are some prize drawings, I admit. Maybe the cash the guys have not been spending on “tour” fishing for the last year or two has given them the opportunity to put it all on the black. Or maybe there is some sense that the Open is a nice, all-in-one substitute for tour and championship.

I hope there is also a little bit of recognition that the tournament has a very good history, and a very impressive title that goes with it: U.S. Open Champion.

But it’s never easy. Every angler will be facing an oppressive desert environment that doesn’t care how many are in the field or what their resumes say. That is the test and looking at the numbers, “a lot of guys” are up for it.

Yeah, it is just half-time. But any coach will tell you, it’s always good to be ahead.


3 Responses to “93–That’s a pretty good ‘half-time’ score”

I wish I could go but the temperature is just too hot for me. Anything over 95 degrees and I’m sick. 🙁 I’m just lucky that I got to fish two of them before I got really old.

by George Kramer

It’s like nothing else they fish across the country. Hopefully, some of the younger guns out there will take a shot before their time is up. 😉

I wish I was there. I only have missed two since the US Open started. As most of you know I have been sick and I hope to join you next year. Good Luck to everyone!