fire 1

AS MANY AS 11 aircraft fighting this fire above Lake Elsinore it was reported.

The earlier post on KGF with fire fighting helicopters has been pulled. The fire has grown from 10 acres and the danger is real up on the hill. You can find out more information from your local news outlet or website.

Wildfires are just too unpredictable to address in anything but serious terms. Apologies to anyone affected by this blaze or by my earlier, more optimistic assessment of the situation.


3 Responses to “Elsinore fire post pulled”

Is your house in the path of the fire???

by George Kramer

It came right down the hill, so we bailed. My neighbors on the two streets above me, were even closer. We got back in the neighborhood after 10 p.m. Today, Tuesday, I head for Lake Mead.

Well, I’m glad your house and family is okay. Hopefully they will get that fire contained. I’m crossing my fingers!