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LOCALS still present–Bighorn not amused.

Pre-practice for the U.S. Open went off as planned last week (with the exception all the rooms were taken at Temple Bar Marina so I headquartered in Henderson). Basically, that meant getting to the extreme ends of the lake about the same time as the actual tournament hours. Realistic, but it really shortened the morning topwater action.

With Echo Bay closed and no room at Temple, Rick Grover suggested the next best, staying at the Sunset Station, and that shortened the trip to the water each morning.

stayed at Sunset

A LITTLE WIND one morning as seen from the parking structure.

What partner Rich Holland and I found each day was hardly a bass boat trailer in the Callville lot. One day seemed hotter than the other two, which averaged about 103 degrees.

Actually, we saw hardly any boats on the water beyond the striper fleet. From one of the local guides I learned that most of the bait/activity in the lower basin was around 60 feet. But turn your meter on and you could find something in 25 to 40 feet no matter where you headed.

reefs dangerous

WHAT WAS underwater is dry, but new stuff just under the surface.

Observations? A drop of 10 vertical feet (compared to last year) takes a lot of brush out of the picture. Having run end to end, I would say most, but not all of the good brush is dry. Of course, banks and pockets with some depth still retain sticks, but some barely stand in a foot of water.

callville shrunken

CALLVILLE shrunken. May not have access to the back side.

Also, zebra/quagga mussels more of a problem this year than last, from my experience. I got cut off on every lure type from crankbait to darthead worm to jig.

Water color offered some surprises. Burro Bay water was the color of a Dos Equis bottle–just as clear and just as green. Never saw this at Lake Mead in 30 plus years here.

Finally, the lower water makes the lake fish much smaller. Burro Bay had a houseboat inside on the ridge with four Jetskis. You can’t get to Sandy Point without hiking. There is no Jawbone. Surprising new rocks just above and below the surface.

Of course, as Gary Klein used to tell me: “That’s what practice is for.”


11 Responses to “Mead prefish: Just the same, only different”

You didn’t mention the fishing.

I know you don’t want to give much away as to what they are biting or where, but how was the fishing as far as quantity and quality this year, versus last year ? It sounds like you were getting a few bites, even if you were losing many to the quagga mussels.

by George Kramer

True, I didn’t. And the “sharpies” got all they needed. But to quantify, in three days we had around 80 fish.

by Guy Williams

Big question is—- more or less weight to win this year? I’m thinking bigger due to the reduced wood that they could hide in. The better fish now have fewer advantages to use so more should get to the net. Good luck & have fun GK!!

by George Kramer

Three days on the water and I have no answer to that question, Guy. Except for mid July, it hasn’t been as hot out there this summer, but that could change. And the water is up a foot from July (probably from run-off) but is expected to drop again. Lake is fishing small now–will the weather change that? I don’t know.

It hasn’t been as hot there this summer but wait until you guys start the tournament, that’s when the heat will show up! It never fails. I’ll be rooting for you, George! I don’t want to see a picture of your coffin this year!

All those guys from the south are scared to fish the “Open.. Except Clunn and Klein. They got beat down for years .. If it’s tough Kramer, you got a chance. I’d love to see Tauber win it again. Or Clunn. What a great tournament. A lot of the best sticks in the world. Fun fun fun. Wish I had the cash to gamble.

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there is a small motel on the lake. i have stayed there . its old but ten min from water

by George Kramer

Yes, at Temple Bar. It was booked last trip, but I got a cabin reserved for the week before the tournament. All others are closed or out of business.

Nice jersey Mr. Road Runner, Sir!!
It fits you!!

I cant wait to get to Mead for the Open!!! Everyone help spread the word about the required AIS Decal that is needed this year to put our boats on Mead.. See you out there George!!!