RAIN needed to keep the guys coming to Lake Elsinore…

Praying for rain may be at once either fruitless or presumptuous, but with the Lake Elsinore water level hovering at barely 7 inches above the “danger” level of 1240 feet (actually 1240.60 as of Aug. 12) the need [for precipitation] exists.

Any of the longtime residents can tell you: low water, hot summers and low oxygen lead to unfortunate fish kills.

Still, I like the hopeful attitude of the Lake, Parks & Recreation Dept. Its head man, Pat Kilroy, let me know in an email that he has made a proposal to add fish-rearing to the lake management plan. Specifically, it calls for a “Sportfish Nursery at the La Laguna Resort.”

Kilroy (who is a fishery biologist as well) notes, “The proposal is to purchase 20,000 to 35,000 fry or Phase-I fingerlings, then rear to a good stockable sized fingerling (50-100 grams) in above ground raceways. As you know the larger the size the greater survival, but this has to be balanced with the purchase price.”

Of course, you and I would be wondering about species, to which Pat added, “I would primarily focus on Largemouth Bass & Hybrid Striped Bass.”

Naturally, in this era of stifling environmental caution, don’t expect instantaneous activity at the resort. Indeed, there is some question of which will come first, the rain we need or the fish rearing equipment.

Said Kilroy, “It will take considerable time to get through the environmental permitting phase, but if successful, perhaps we’d be underway next June.”

Like I said–hopeful.