thumb_nonresident-AIS-decalThe things you don’t know could hurt you, so here’s a heads-up on a decal requirement for anyone taking a boat on Lake Mead (read site of the 2013 U.S. Open). This one got by me, but as I have discovered, effective January 1 of this year, a Nevada aquatic invasive species (AIS) decal will need to be affixed to your boat.

And, while making no admission of wrong-doing, I’m passing along information I got just today regarding this stipulation, actually passed by the Nevada State Legislature back in 2011.

You can roll your eyes over the motive that, “The  decal supports AIS monitoring and analysis, provides AIS prevention through outreach and education, and provides seasonal watercraft inspections and decontamination stations. The AIS decal also supports enforcement of AIS prevention laws. Many aquatic invasive species, including quagga and zebra mussels, have been transferred from one body of water to another through contaminated watercraft.”

But as a practical matter, especially for those whose primary reason for coming to Nevada is to take your rig out on the water, you just need to have this $20 (plus $2 service fee) non-resident attachment–which needs to go in a specific place on your hull, on the passenger side of the transom. You can get yours online at  or by calling (866) 703-4605.

It would be cruel consequence if one were disqualified from the Open competition, having been cited for not having the decal. I recommend you get yours.




5 Responses to “Heads up! You need one more sticker for Mead”

Wow….it’s all i can say. Thanks for the heads up Kramer!

What next floating Toll booth stations set up around the lake charging boaters by the mile for using the lake?

by Guy Williams

What a joke!

by George Kramer

But no boat inspection or $3 tags every weekend. 😉

And a Phenix Tackle Sticker :-p