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WHAT moves us to buy certain gear?

Was just looking a short news release from AnglerSurvey.com regarding one’s motivation in making a new tackle purchase. The responses, though not unexpected, put down in black and white what we often consider when we buy new gear.

Number one on the list was  “personal experience” that motivated 72.1 percent of the respondees to buy an item. And yet, when you get down to hard realities, am I really going to use someone else’s stuff (or are you going to loan it to me) so I can have that personal experience to influence me?

I know that some fly fishing shops have a pond or an area where you can use a given rod. But most of the time in a bass shop, all you get to do is shake the rod. You don’t even put a reel on it to get a truer picture!

A second motivation listed was “brand loyalty” with 55.8 percent of anglers mentioning this. Yet this is somewhat of a muddy response as well. I get it if you always use Fenwick, or Dobyns or some other specific line, but are you loyal to the brand, or are you merely familiar or comfortable with it?

I’ve never liked the idea of over-spending for a rod or reel, however, I also think (and can’t be the only one) that sticking with a single or limited number of brands, provides a certain security and familiarity. After all, I fish the way I fish, and the tools I use let me do that.

Other numbers mentioned said buyers (48.4 percent) were influenced by “another experienced angler” and that “friends recommendations” were noted in 39.9 percent of the responses.

In my little world, those experienced anglers always have my ear, even if I’m not ready to spend. Jimmy Reese, up north has definitely influenced me regarding topwater rods and closer to home, I’ve heeded some recommendations for swimbait rods by Bill Siemantel.

Neither “sold” me on the brand/model, but they explained why a given rod was good for the task. Any time you can get that kind of help, it’s a lot easier to put your money down.

As for my friends as sounding boards, I never ask them much. I want to keep them as friends.






3 Responses to “What motivated you to buy that tackle?”

I guess my excuse is mainly 1) brand loyalty 2) bang for the buck 3) recommendation from people I respect in the sport

I have used Daiwa for years…too many to count. When I got back into fishing, I did buy a few new reels and rods, they were all Daiwa. Later when I wanted to add to my arsenal, I started looking at my wallet, which by that time was a little thin. I looked at Daiwa, and at the time they didn’t have a mid price reel. So I ended up buying two Lew’s reels. Now that Daiwa is coming out with a mid price reel (Tatula), I will go back to buying Daiwa.

Hey George,
As a friend I recommend Phenix Spinnerbaits and jigs. LOL
See ya at the Open.

by George Kramer

Hey, it’s good stuff!