Levee end

A LOOK at the levee end of the lake…

Sorry if I’m not amused. I’ve heard all the Elsinore jokes. (Heck, I even wrote a jingle about some of the bad times).

Nonetheless, if I could package all that’s good about the pond, I would lay it out for you right now. It’s called: October.

Summer finally having broken, the 100-degree days are done. The nights have finally dipped below 60 a few times, (more…)

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CARSON'S ARSON, Rico Suave...


We don’t use micrometers as they do in Britain and much of Europe. We don’t trifle with line thickness much. We buy pound-test and only if we have a moment extra to spend we glance at 3 decimals worth of line diameter data.

But as sure as frog fishing has made us familiar with 65- and 80-pound braided line, we can be deceived into thinking, “It’s all good.” You know: 10- to 15-pound for chuggers and say, 15- to 20-pound for walking baits. Whatever. (more…)

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Open champion


Rusty Brown’s rock-solid performance in the 2013 U.S. Open provides further evidence that Lake Mead defies the rules of tournament fishing. His catch goal, that revered and oft-repeated formula of “10 pounds a day” earned Brown the title.  But perusing the board after three days, it seems he wasn’t on “the winning fish.”

Take nothing away from the champ. His gameplan to avoid traffic by going far from the weigh-in was spot-on.  And his execution of milking the combination of grass beds and flat points each day (a small area by desert lake standards) (more…)

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temple bar headquarters

YOU NEED all the tools you can get…

If I have any credibility left (and there are some questions about that) it is because mostly because I have been willing to call it like I see it.  So now, coming back from the 2013 U.S. Open, I think I’m ready for that hard look in the mirror.

Every year I try and expand my knowledge (it’s never-ending) and have certainly gained a depth of experience along the way.

But the new generation of tournament bass fishermen seems to be pulling away (more…)

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WHAT IS THAT 50 yards from shore in the middle of nowhere?

Sitting some 50 yards offshore on a flat brushy point in Walker Bay some small movement on the surface caught my attention. I wasn’t sure if I was looking at carp slurping the surface, or maybe it was nothing more than a floating stick, covered in dead brown algae–not unusual for Lake Mead.

It turns out, it was something alive. And only after spinning around on the trolling motor did I confirm the object as “froglike,” however, it wasn’t. In fact, upon closer inspection (more…)

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Of all the things competitive anglers say on stage, there is just no easy segue into the commercial message. Of course, if you followed the U.S. Open last year, you understand my concerns on this matter. When you finish 111th in the field, they’re not going to hand you the microphone.

On the other hand, preparing to cross the desert, first, and then just hang there over the tournament in 100 degrees, you need more than sponsors, you sometimes need psychological treatment. (more…)

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