Of all the things competitive anglers say on stage, there is just no easy segue into the commercial message. Of course, if you followed the U.S. Open last year, you understand my concerns on this matter. When you finish 111th in the field, they’re not going to hand you the microphone.

On the other hand, preparing to cross the desert, first, and then just hang there over the tournament in 100 degrees, you need more than sponsors, you sometimes need psychological treatment. The thing that has touched me this year is the support from true friends and from my family.

Don’t get me wrong, though! The financial backing from VideoCoPilot.net has been crucial–and has been for a couple of years.

Naturally, there are all the tools, lures and tips I’ve received in advance of the competition and those add up. I hope to acknowledge those sponsors and supporters at a future date. I only hesitate to spell them out now, because I believe they can be difference-makers–so no use giving the competition any tips. Right?

Still, from here to the heavens: I’d like to thank my sponsors.

And you. And I’ll be posting in a few days if the equipment works.




4 Responses to ““I’d just like to thank my sponsors””

Go get them GK! Safe travels on the road & waters.

Good luck, George! I’ll be rooting for you! But most important is that you have a great time and FUN!

Don’t forget your Color C-lector, George! It’s a “game changer”!! Good luck old buddy!

Good luck George. Old guys rule!