Levee end

A LOOK at the levee end of the lake…

Sorry if I’m not amused. I’ve heard all the Elsinore jokes. (Heck, I even wrote a jingle about some of the bad times).

Nonetheless, if I could package all that’s good about the pond, I would lay it out for you right now. It’s called: October.

Summer finally having broken, the 100-degree days are done. The nights have finally dipped below 60 a few times, and the surface of the water is quivering like a Jell-o bowl full of 4- and 5-inch threadfin shad.

level dropping

DROPPING water level exposes the ‘T’ structure…

Yes, you can bring your spinning rod. And I double-dog dare you. Every one you bust off before you can say, “Dang!” will be waiting for the muscle guys–the ones with 20-pound mono or 65-pound braid who will be dueling with some of the fattest 3- to 6-pound bass you’ll mess with.

This ain’t Diamond Valley. We don’t do “snakes” at our shallow, murky home water. We do meat.

Anyway, spent so much of the summer prepping for Lake Mead, so it’s good to go somewhere where the fish actually pull when you set the hook.

Rome Hill dry

ROME HILL, right, is dry and the Lakeland jetty (center, behind square area with trees) is right on the beach.

But also I wanted to show some photos of the lake level. No getting around it. It’s shrinking just like a lot of the reservoirs in SoCal. Only we don’t have a dam or the depth to hold out as long.

Today’s elevation is 1239.70–something we hope will get lifted by some rain this winter. Fortunately, launching is great at La Laguna off Riverside Drive, so you can get in and out.

But without any substantial winter rain, then, history says it could be tough sledding next summer. So if you want to do a little power fishing before winter sets in, now is the time. Not sure when we’ll get a “next time.”


One Response to “Lake Elsinore: Maybe now or never time”

I’m goin. Elsinore rules. Nobody out, our only natural lake. I remember fishing with my dad in 84 maybe and catching 50 fattys on cranks. Is the jetty underwater still by launch ramp. I just drove over Ortega hwy Saturday and told my lady, look!,Elsinore a big lake. I was salivating coming down the hill. Only fished jetty and trees to right of launch. I’m gonna fish it. Gonna slay em, and give em peeled fresh crawdads before I release em for a treat !