PEE WEE HERMAN (Theater photo)

Because it doesn’t affect us all that much in the West, you may not recall back in August when B.A.S.S. announced it had determined most of the qualifiers who will compete in the 2014 Bassmasters Classic. Actually (at the time) 44 of the eventual 56 were identified.

Immediately, you’re thinking, yeah they got most of the top guys in and it’s probably the Opens they’re waiting on. Them and that year end Wild Card deal.

Yet, if Open winners are perhaps a soft entry (win and you’re in regardless of standing) the rest of the field they’re adding is mush. (more…)

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A LOT of guys fish for these in California…

Math and I don’t get along. But then, sometimes bass and I don’t get along…and many times in the fall, bass fishermen and I don’t get along.

And, wow! There are a lot of those guys. Consider, California sells about 1.8 million fishing licenses each year and from that you can guesstimate how the number might swell if you add in the under 16-year olds plus any other demographic you care to tally.

Anyway, whether do-or-die seriously or just on occasion– (more…)

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You know you’ve made an impact on the sport of bass fishing by the looks you get when you tow that baby around town. Personally, I may not finish very high in the standings, but I keep my sparkly red rig waxed and polished so by the time the folks have figured out the driver with the mirror lenses is some old guy, I’ve already won the rubbernecking contest! (more…)

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Fridays are always quiet in the bass world as the “players” get ready for the weekend. Many, in fact, are already on the water as EverStart and ABA Team Championships are on the slate through the weekend. Yet there is a bit more at stake than just the prizes won.

Individual finishes may, indeed, shape the annual California Top 40 Bass Angler’s List. (more…)

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mini set

MINI Gear Grabbar has four magnets. The red dots are very stout, double sided tape.

I confess, I have been jaded by refrigerator magnets. They can barely hold up the letters they’re attached to and by the end of the month, they slide down to ankle height. Oh, you can take a typical magnet letter set and spell out: US STEEL. But in the end those magnets read more like USELESS.

That is until I came across the Gear Grabbar (click here) a group of magnetic lure and tool-holding bars and plates that really hold baits in place.

But it not just holds them securely, the magnets are so strong, (more…)

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An email I got Tuesday read: “Saturday, there was only 2.6 feet at the deep end of the launch ramp dock. Today, my neighbor reported that the ramp was closed.”

He wasn’t talking about the pond (Lake Elsinore) across the street–where in fact, the Seaport Landing ramp is also closed due to low water. Rather, he was talking about Lake San Antonio near Bradley, a reservoir when full that covers more than 5500 surface acres and sports 65 miles of shoreline. (more…)

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keep outI’ve heard of bass tournaments being cancelled for lack of entries, for high water and presumed dangerous conditions. And I’ve fished events where days were cancelled due to high winds and have read of those being delayed for both fog or hurricane.

But when the Federal agency over the Lake Mead National Recreation Area (NRA) cancelled (more…)

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