mini set

MINI Gear Grabbar has four magnets. The red dots are very stout, double sided tape.

I confess, I have been jaded by refrigerator magnets. They can barely hold up the letters they’re attached to and by the end of the month, they slide down to ankle height. Oh, you can take a typical magnet letter set and spell out: US STEEL. But in the end those magnets read more like USELESS.

That is until I came across the Gear Grabbar (click here) a group of magnetic lure and tool-holding bars and plates that really hold baits in place.

But it not just holds them securely, the magnets are so strong, when you hold one toward it, the Gear Grabbar will take the lure right out of your fingers–hooks first.

That means you’re not looking for a hole or dodging hooks already dangling, the magnets take them from you like a clean hand-off.

magnets stout

IN REALITY, I’d just have two key baits here to hold front and back hooks, but you get the idea. (And you can guess which bait is a ruse.)

So why don’t I have a full Lure Hangar Kit with bars and plates like some of the WFA guys do on TV? I think my tournament record speaks for itself. But I saw enough value (even though a small Nitro that doesn’t have all the flat surfaces to spot the Gear Grabar’s above deck) so I put one under my primary tackle lid to test.

The safety thing is real, but the company suggests there is also utility in having your key practice or actual tournament choices out of their boxes and positioned right where you grab them and tie or clip onto your line. A double set of even the “mini” would let you put your top lure choices in view–which for me is always better than deep in my aging memory banks.

Anyway, this is not a gimmick. And the company even offers a more powerful magnet–though be careful if you’re wearing a steel belt buckle. (Just kidding). But I’m not kidding about the system. All kinds of possibilities.