Fridays are always quiet in the bass world as the “players” get ready for the weekend. Many, in fact, are already on the water as EverStart and ABA Team Championships are on the slate through the weekend. Yet there is a bit more at stake than just the prizes won.

Individual finishes may, indeed, shape the annual California Top 40 Bass Angler’s List.

This year has seen an unprecedented number of “suggestions” offered by KGF readers and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t appreciate it. It’s a really big state, populated by very good anglers in every region. So sometimes quality doesn’t make much of a ripple back to the bass fishing hubs. That’s why every discerning set of eyes out there is welcome.

True, I anticipate the 2014 list will be populated with names you know. Yet, I’m absolutely sure there will be some huge surprises. Some will come by way of their presence, others by their absence. But whether you agree or not with the selections, it’s gratifying to know that there are folks out there who are interested in the latest list. (I even got a note from

Still, after all these years, I can tell you the biggest challenge for me. There are only 40 spots.


6 Responses to “Performances this week sure to shape Top 40”

Always look forward to the Top 40, seeing friends make the list, all the conversations that stem from it.

One thing I learned during my 12 years as a youth baseball umpire…after every game one side thinks you’re hard-working, fair and honest. The other side thinks you’re incompetent or a crook. So it is with the Top 40 List.

I look forward to 2020 top 40, God willing.

by George Kramer

I hope I’m still around then.

We are waiting with baited breath.

by George Kramer

Garlic or crawfish? 😉