You know you’ve made an impact on the sport of bass fishing by the looks you get when you tow that baby around town. Personally, I may not finish very high in the standings, but I keep my sparkly red rig waxed and polished so by the time the folks have figured out the driver with the mirror lenses is some old guy, I’ve already won the rubbernecking contest!

Yet, you know you still have a role in “growing the sport” if you are the recipient of those questions you didn’t think people were still asking. Have you got any of these lately?

–After just landing a nice one: “Wow, are you going to have that one for dinner?”  Answer: Er, no.

–After seeing your gear covering the boat deck: “Why so many rods?” Answer: That’s all the space I have.

–Seeing a bag of 7-inch ribbon-tails on the seat: “So bass really hit those rubber worms?” Answer: Yep. And the plastic ones too.

–Inquiring about bass tournaments: “So is it biggest fish, or most fish?” Answer: Actually, it’s heaviest weight over length of the event. (Or else the 30-minute dissertation on jackpotting, tournaments, draws, teams, shared weight, co-anglers, limited hours, etc.)

–After reading some tournament results: “It’s mostly luck, isn’t it?” Answer: It is for me. And it’s mostly bad. (Actually, it’s mostly skill.)

Anyway, what are some of the bass questions you’ve been asked?



20 Responses to “The questions that won’t leave us alone…”

“A GIRL running the front of the boat?” Laughter.

“You throw your fish back…you don’t keep them?”

“What kind of fish are you trying to catch?”

“Are you fishing in a tournament?”

“What did you catch it on?”

“Why such a big motor on that little boat?”

by George Kramer

Ya, that’s a good one, Rob. 🙂

“Am I gonna catch a 10 lber today”?

me – “it’s not as easy as ya think”.

I could see a guide hearing that one… 🙂

Are there any fish in here?

Drunk people at 0400 while filling up the boat ask the best questions, and offer the best advice. One fella informed me, while about to fall over, that bass can be caught on plastic worms! Wow! Good to know.

It goes something like this:

What were you fishing for?


I didn’t think they had bass in that lake.

I don’t either…

by George Kramer

Yo, cc. I know that one! 🙁

Hi “Bassin8r” When I get asked that question, “Is there any fish in here?” my response is, “There’s got to be, I haven’t seen anyone catch one yet!”

How about this one…
Do you live here?

by George Kramer

I get that one too. Not sure if that’s a reference to potential local knowledge or if he’s a census taker…

They were trying to determine if I should be allowed to fish there.

Aha. So were you?

No, but that was when I was younger. I am not as fast as I used to be any more, so my sneaking into places days are behind me.

On westcoast-” How many skiers do u pull?”
Never asked that in Alabama!!!

by George Kramer

In Alabama do they ever ask: What’s a Westy Worm?

“You guys spend all that money and throw your fish back?”
Yep I’m Ignorant!

“How deep is it..see any fish??”
12 feet.. Nope |< < < |
| < < |
"Y’all cheat with your radar units to find fish!" cant make them eat it!

South MS- “They won’t eat that drop shot!”

by George Kramer

Just thought of another one. “Why is that guy ahead of me on the Top 40 list?” Response: Catch more fish.