PEE WEE HERMAN (Theater photo)

Because it doesn’t affect us all that much in the West, you may not recall back in August when B.A.S.S. announced it had determined most of the qualifiers who will compete in the 2014 Bassmasters Classic. Actually (at the time) 44 of the eventual 56 were identified.

Immediately, you’re thinking, yeah they got most of the top guys in and it’s probably the Opens they’re waiting on. Them and that year end Wild Card deal.

Yet, if Open winners are perhaps a soft entry (win and you’re in regardless of standing) the rest of the field they’re adding is mush.

On the invite list: “the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship, [that’s club fishing, remember?] the Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Bassmaster Classic Bracket, [that’s imitation pro fishing] the Toyota Bassmaster Weekend Series operated by American Bass Anglers [that’s wannabe pro fishing].” (Bracketed remarks added).

If B.A.S.S. could get Schwinn bicycles to become a sponsor, they’d probably add a “Pee Wee Herman Bike Your Way to the Classic Series.”

Whoa! What images that conjures up. Platform shoes on the trolling motor pedal, lollypops the size of landing nets and leading to what…The Champs?

Oh yeah. “Te-quiii-laaa.”


8 Responses to “PeeWee Herman a Classic exemption?”

Now you’re in my wheelhouse, George. But who knows? Maybe among the mush there is a Kap’n Karl. Then again, Phil Hartman’s marriage ended badly, at least for him. Maybe Cowboy Curtis? Of course, it was Laurence Fishburne and we all know how well people named Fishburne fared with BASS. Most don’t remember that Jimmy Smits made a brief appearance as a “conky repairman”. I’m thinking L.A. Law paid better.

Just trying to make lemonade out of lemon mush. If nothing else, maybe Skeet can do the PeeWee dance at the Classic. A week ago it showed up in the NFL when Jared Odrich of the Dolphins used it as a “sack dance”. There’s always hope … I guess.

Clearly the Classic is an entertainment event. Cinderella stories add human interest to the real and manufactured drama. The sudden rags to riches story has proven to be a successful television formula. Purists may have been appalled at Bryan Kershall’s entry and win, but plenty of mileage was gained from the underdog success. B.A.S.S. is looking for freshness with an old formula.

Then you’re saying you like my PeeWee Herman suggestion? Problem here is, the sport of bass fishing can’t have it both ways. Either it’s a game show, or it’s a professional endeavor. When tour guys turn down a chance to fish the Elites because they don’t have 50 or 60k of their own money, you can’t then give away this pinnacle opportunity of the profession to some dreamer.

BASS is doing all it can to keep derby fishing alive….it’s hard to get in thru them “soft ways.” I’m glad that they are at least trying something instead of set’n on a redwood stump complaining….LOL

The acronym B.A.S.S. stands for Bass Anglers Sportsman Society. Approx. 500,000 members belong to that society, and the Classic is open to all of them in one way or another. The Classic was never intended to be an event for the Elite Series pros only. It is an event that’s fishable by all B.A.S.S. members. It’s great that way. Most anglers would agree. We need more events like this.

Ray Scott’s “intentions” have long been replaced by a high dollar, television-oriented World Championship. But it keeps falling short. One of the biggest things holding it back are just those provincial sentiments you (and others) have expressed across the country.

If all B.A.S.S. cares about it $$$, maybe they should just sell tickets to fish the Classic. 🙂

So GK, your saying I have a chance to get to the classic at some point? I’ve always said with the Opens winners getting a classic spot now it would fill out west or at least have the numbers of the Everstarts and the Everstarts numbers would turn into WonBass Pro-Am numbers. As for tournament bass fishing being like a real professional sport like baseball, football and such. It won’t ever happen. Could it be like professional soccer in the United States or WNBA, yeah thats about as professional as I could see it getting too which is good enough for a small group to make a good living at it. Before that happens only one org would be around, you don’t see multiple orgs running professional basketball baseball and football, it’s NBA & MLB and NFL. Before professional bass fishing could be made bigger and better the masses would have to only support 1 org and maybe another for a AAA class to move up from. Don’t ever seeing that happening from where I stand.