GENERALS preparing to fight the last war? (CORBIS photo)

Watching a documentary on the Military Channel the other night, a comment grabbed my attention regarding (of all things) competing in our most challenging event, the U.S. Open on Lake Mead. Used by military historians, that biting comment was: “Generals always prepare to fight the last war.”

Was this my personal mistake in trying to prepare for the tournament (or maybe even the next one)–basing too much of the plan on past experiences? (more…)

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He's the best one


How long of an introduction should I have here, before I lay out The List for 2013? What started as more of a historical tribute back in the mid 90’s has grown into a monster.

It’s still a tribute–but the stakes appear to have grown bigger than I imagined. I don’t think anything I’ll ever do with a word processor will ever have the impact of listing the Top 40 Bass Anglers in California.

But first, let me give a shout out to the trusted, but anonymous, consultants to whom I turn to track down the top candidates. Having lots of eyes and ears in the field is critical and have to thank the Bass Angler Assessment Team (BAAT) for adding insight. (more…)

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Nationally prominent and also regionally pertinent. I think those words describe the upcoming 2013 Bass-A-Thon with its on-stage headliners as well as more personalized workshops.

I never mind being in the building with the national stars of the game, but unless one has western roots ala Aaron Martens this Nov. 23-24, (more…)

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