Nationally prominent and also regionally pertinent. I think those words describe the upcoming 2013 Bass-A-Thon with its on-stage headliners as well as more personalized workshops.

I never mind being in the building with the national stars of the game, but unless one has western roots ala Aaron Martens this Nov. 23-24, I always feel those seminars are more about entertainment and “suggestion” rather than providing something I can truly “take to the bank” on my next trip.

So sometime in the past, when Anglers Marine’s Rick Grover incorporated the smaller workshops, the whole 2-day event took on a new dimension–a marked increase in value. This year you’ll find NorCal’s Bub Tosh, U.S. Open champ Rusty Brown and even our favorite go-to pro the Go-Pro pro, Brent Ehrler talking personal video tech.

Naturally, a hundred companies’ products on display ain’t bad either. I love a trip to the “candy store.” I like seeing the new stuff or the refined stuff, though I’m not one who jumps for every new offering.

Yet, Bass-A-Thon also provides perspective and it has for years. Maybe I didn’t like day-glo rod covers when I first saw them (they were so Eighties) but they’ve grown on me.

Likewise, having an assortment of big baits, unique shapes and all the various interpretations of the latest ideas is invigorating.  One who pays attention to what the lure-makers and primary users are saying can get so much more than what’s written on the back of the package.

In fact, I find my Saturday each year at Bass-A-Thon intense. There’s that much to take in.

Maybe I’ll see you there.


5 Responses to “Intense: My annual trip to Bass-A-Thon”

I think your intense Saturdays at the BAT is due to your Top 40 GK. I think it’s called open season on a Kramer! Lol

We’ll see you there, George! I have a $25 Angler’s Gift Certificate I need to use! 🙂

Wish the seminars were vidp so us that can’t be there could see.

by George Kramer

Good point, Casey. Actually, I have seen some vids on Western Bass from previous BAT’s. I’ll ask around and see if anything is planned.

Hope to see you there George! By the way, when is your New Book due to come out?