why I buy one

ALL I WANT is another opportunity…

You know the fastest four weeks in my life? It’s December. It just goes by so quick, it seems like from the Bass-A-Thon to the first of the year, is about 10 days, and before I know it, I’ve got one more chunk to put out before I can make a cast in 2014.

Obviously, I have been thinking about this, since I just ordered my license (with two-rod stamp). I have also been looking at my Nevada “boundary waters” license and wondering, what if we had that here in California?

I could fish two more months without a payment. (more…)

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West Marina

CHANNEL narrowing at West Marina.

I don’t know what is worse, looking at the actual lake level conditions, or being disappointed by what appear to be rain clouds. Still, rather than just tell you that the Lake Elsinore level was shot at 1239.31 on Dec. 2, you can take a photo tour* and see for yourself.

On the plus side, there are still more than 3 million gallons of reclaimed water being released into the lake every day (or most days) and that offsets about half the annual evaporation. (more…)

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Cali stickers

I GOT MINE for next year. Had to….

Listen, I’m sure I could have found some other things to spend the money on, but fact is, the demands on boaters and fishermen aren’t going away. And come boat registration renewal time–here or in other western states, the truth is, we’re going to need to purchase certain stickers if we want to play. And it should come as no shock.

I know my thinking on the matter of fund-raising usage or environmental fees isn’t shared by everyone, but in my mind, when I launch the little red boat (more…)

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