Cali stickers

I GOT MINE for next year. Had to….

Listen, I’m sure I could have found some other things to spend the money on, but fact is, the demands on boaters and fishermen aren’t going away. And come boat registration renewal time–here or in other western states, the truth is, we’re going to need to purchase certain stickers if we want to play. And it should come as no shock.

I know my thinking on the matter of fund-raising usage or environmental fees isn’t shared by everyone, but in my mind, when I launch the little red boat I like knowing “I’m good” with all the various agencies.

Nevada too

NEVADA has their anti-invasive species tags too.

Frankly, that just takes the weight off my conscience and I fish better. I don’t want to be like those college kids in the news several years back that displayed unauthorized “handicap stickers” so they could park closer to class.

And for the same reason, I don’t want to be part of that group of anglers that purportedly uses counterfeit tags on their trailer winches so they don’t have to go through the quagga inspections.

That just makes me uncomfortable.

True, I’m still going to cast across the buoy line from time to time, but not in a tournament.

I promise.


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Got my DMV boat stickers last month. I haven’t put them on my boat yet. That green isn’t going to blend well with the colors on my boat! 🙂

My boat is starting to look like a NASCAR but none of my stickers award contingency money!

by George Kramer

That’s the spirit, you guys. 😉

What gets me is that very few of these agencies have put together a cohesive plan to have a uniform inspection and tagging program. Most of the individuals who were doing the inspecting had barely a clue as to what they there looking for and in the oddest places too. Inspecting my rod box, glove compartment and under my drivers console. Uhgg. I’m scratching my head at that point.

Another frustration is when money is collected when getting the new registration and then the lakes charging their own fees — either for inspection, “educational materials”, or re-tagging.

by George Kramer

With environmental or access issues each agency is going to protect its own interests (read revenue). In the case of water “districts,” they have more clout than any elected body. What you say is true, Brian, but there is no “complaint department.”

Anyway, I think the new fee is a bargain. For the cost of a lunch at only $8.00 per year to be legal to fish. I know people are concerned that the money collected from this new fee is going to be mismanaged, but even if it is, those people that perform our inspections at the lake still need to be paid, and the money to pay them is going to come out of some fund whether it be from this new fee or some other. At least I have peace of mind knowing my boat is legal to fish.

I can’t see how guys can complain about the registration and quagga fee for next year. $20.00 for the tag, and $16.00 per year. Seriously? We pay more than that for a swimbait!

Some guy on is complaining about it. I told him it’s a bargain. He said if it keeps going up it will kill the sport. Really? 🙂

Correction: $16 for two years on the quagga sticker.