West Marina

CHANNEL narrowing at West Marina.

I don’t know what is worse, looking at the actual lake level conditions, or being disappointed by what appear to be rain clouds. Still, rather than just tell you that the Lake Elsinore level was shot at 1239.31 on Dec. 2, you can take a photo tour* and see for yourself.

On the plus side, there are still more than 3 million gallons of reclaimed water being released into the lake every day (or most days) and that offsets about half the annual evaporation.

La Laguna rip rap

RIP RAP exposed at La Laguna ramp.

But unless Canyon Lake, upstream on the San Jacinto River fills and then spills, there can be no significant change in the Elsinore level. But it (Canyon) looks to need at least another 5 feet for that to happen.

Meat fence

MEAT FENCE next to City campground almost out of water.

The Elsinore consensus seems to be that while the shoreline bite is tough as nails for bass, the receding water has backed the fish off into deeper water (22 feet being roughly the deepest these days).

Yet, that’s almost speculative since most baSS fishermen don’t fish open water, non-structure zones. No one is really sure what those sonar marks are telling us.

seaport out of service


However, if the water gets down to 50 degrees or below, the bite actually may improve since that’s when the fish really belly down on the bottom and a spoon or blade bait might actually net some results.

channel drying up

INLET CHANNEL drying up.

West Marina (now under new ownership) is still launchable, although you can see by the photos that the channel is narrowing down. The Seaport Landing ramp is closed (and blocked off) so La Laguna marina on Riverside Drive is the most modern, functioning facility right now.

Anyway, everyone in Southern California fishing circles has the same thing on their gift list: Let it rain!

(*Photos taken Dec. 6.)


2 Responses to “Elsinore photos better than 1000 words”

George, you mentioned fish staging out in 20+ feet of water. Have you got fish out of that deep of water before at elsinore?. Everything ive ever done ther has been in 6 feet or less. It would kind of be cool to get on some sort of deep bite out there.

by George Kramer

I’ve caught them in 12 to 16 feet at times over the years, but not sure those same conditions exist today.