why I buy one

ALL I WANT is another opportunity…

You know the fastest four weeks in my life? It’s December. It just goes by so quick, it seems like from the Bass-A-Thon to the first of the year, is about 10 days, and before I know it, I’ve got one more chunk to put out before I can make a cast in 2014.

Obviously, I have been thinking about this, since I just ordered my license (with two-rod stamp). I have also been looking at my Nevada “boundary waters” license and wondering, what if we had that here in California?

I could fish two more months without a payment. In SoCal, January and February are still wintery, but they can’t be as bad as Nevada–and certainly not as bad as NorCal. I’d probably be fishing through it. On the other hand, for those who prefer just the warmer months, starting March 1 probably sounds okay.

But that’s not gonna happen. I assuage myself by noting, this $60.74 purchase (with the 2-rod) works out to just 17 cents a day. On the other hand, I don’t fish Sundays so that jumps me up to 32 cents per. And then, you may have a real job, so I know that ups the ante.

Still, whatever it costs, getting out on the water is about opportunity. I’ve had a few good days this past year (not as good as many of you, I admit) but I really look forward to however many trips that turns into.

I’m even going back to El Capitan on Thursday (rain or shine). Trying to get my money’s worth on my 2013 purchase.




8 Responses to “License renewal about ‘opportunity’”

I am jealous George. Our lakes are frozen. I hope you have a great trip.

Thanks, Bassin8r. However, my “best laid plans” went out the window when trailer jack quit. Hope to have it replaced and operational so I can at least do post-front fishing tomorrow…. Of course, the lake won’t be frozen. 😉

Sorry to hear you didn’t get to go today. Good luck tomorrow.

I’m not fishing again until mid January, so I’m not buying my license (online) until next month, since my wallet in December is always thin.

Good luck at El Cap tomorrow, George!

60+ bucks a year now for freshwater? Wow. Not sad I moved away, but happy I remain a CA resident on paper. Guess I’ll have to take a loan out for my temp license when I visit next time. Couldn’t imagine what a non-resident would cost.

Jason, I’m pretty sure ours is the highest in the country. And Darlene, I get it completely. I just do this so I make sure I’m good. Can’t tell you how many Opening Days I covered when I was at WON–those were about the only time I saw wardens going boat to boat!

I remember many years ago when I was fishing a club tournament at Havasu. I got stopped on the lake by a patrol boat, and he asked to see my fishing license. When he asked, I replied, “Well, it’s about time!” He kind of looked at me with a puzzled look on his face. I told him that all these years, I’ve been buying my fishing license, spending upwards of $65 (had to buy a license for the hubby) between CA, AZ, and NV, and no one ever asked to see my license! Then he asked me what time the weigh in was. I told him to where and when to show up and he did! At the weigh in I told him to ask every club member to provide their licenses, and he did! I mean seriously, I think they should ask to see your license at the gate! Why spend the money if they never ask to see your license? I’ve not been asked to produce my license since 2010.

What a beautiful El Cap fish.! Looks like she came out of shallow water for winter, that’s what’s great about El Cap . Tons of fish still. She’s the queen of S.D. City lakes chain ..The license is standard, nobody wants that $1,000 fine. I’d pay more for license just so I can feel that tick after I pull my chocolate blue worm over a rockpile,bam!! with a 3lb. Football on the end.