water usage

Water usage at El Capitan taking 22 million gallons a day…

Folsom Lake near Sacramento will be dry in two months–so say independent water experts. If conditions do not change significantly, the numbers (inflows versus drafting and evaporation) lead to no other conclusion.

So, anyone to whom water matters, what are we left with? Waiting for state agencies or agri-business to fix it? Will buying a hybrid auto or not using aerosol fish attractants save the day? Is all we can do is shrug and say, “It’s so sad.”

I believe we should try one more thing. (more…)

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You could have fooled me. Lagging pre-sign-up numbers for FLW’s Rayovac Series over at Lake Havasu clearly indicated Western fishermen would do what they always do–stay home. But in fact, we’ve heard that this morning, (more…)

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Disappointed in the early turn-out, there have been some calls for greater participation at Lake Havasu in the kick-off event of FLW’s new 9-volt circuit, er, Rayovac Series. Of course, the numbers can change between now and (more…)

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shad jigs

‘SPOONS’ are a broader category for bass anglers…

A friend mentioned the other day that it seems catching fish on spoons (including blade baits, tailspins and ice-jigging baits) was not as productive on overcast days. He made that conclusion not only based on local, immediate conditions, but on log entries he had collected over the years.

The thought caught my interest, since there are several factors involved regarding baitfish at the depths typically associated with these type lures.

But after a little research, (more…)

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Carl's+Jr+Original+Six+Dollar+burgerI’m not one for downing a Six Dollar Burger on every lunch run, but there is a part of the concept that I like. The Carl’s Jr.’s menu item doesn’t actually cost six bucks–so there is the feeling you’re actually getting more for your money.

That particular concept has been lost in the hard bait market. While I fully understand why Deps can charge $150 for Slide Swimmer, or some cottage industry guys want $65 for handcrafting a rat, beaver or dachshund-looking wakebait. (more…)

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