Carl's+Jr+Original+Six+Dollar+burgerI’m not one for downing a Six Dollar Burger on every lunch run, but there is a part of the concept that I like. The Carl’s Jr.’s menu item doesn’t actually cost six bucks–so there is the feeling you’re actually getting more for your money.

That particular concept has been lost in the hard bait market. While I fully understand why Deps can charge $150 for Slide Swimmer, or some cottage industry guys want $65 for handcrafting a rat, beaver or dachshund-looking wakebait.

Those lures have certain unique qualities, are niche products and don’t purport to be discounted.


I UNDERSTAND this one… ($150)

On the other hand, for many meat-and-potato use baits (often from the Pacific Rim, or others trying to be likewise fashionable) mass production does not seem to deliver in the same way as it did for Henry Ford.

With allowance for trade tariffs, excise taxes and labor costs, one would think that many of those exclusive Japanese companies have more than paid for their start-up costs by now.

Personally, I look at a baseline price of about six bucks for a “standard” hard bait–cranks in particular. I use ’em, I lose ’em and I buy some more. (Topwaters may get a pass–they float.)

square bill premium

WHY THE PREMIUM on square bills? That’s a question I’d like answered.

Something newish with some production issues, I’ll give them another dollar or two–if it works. But if it works no better than the nine trays of the other six other brands of hard baits I carry, then, no I’ll go back to saving a buck–for real.

Understand, I want the lure companies to flourish and to be looking for wrinkles or designs that make a difference. That helps us all. But there is a number I can live with, and those that exceed it will have to find someone else’s wallet.

Once upon a time, there was a 3/8ths or 1/2-ounce spinnerbait from Cordell called the Buck Spinner. One blade, one barrel swivel, one skirt. And that’s what it cost–one dollar.

Like Hotel 6, today that number is going to be higher. I get it. But there’s always going to be a limit.




One Response to “Bass lures and the Six Dollar Burger”

I do not own ANY Lucky Craft baits because of the price. I have all kinds of cranks, but no lucky craft. The crank or bait would have to be unique, such as the River2Sea Whopper Plopper for me to pay $10+ each. I recently bought some Livingston cranks. They cost $11.99 each but I got buy two get one free, which works out to $7.99 each and these cranks are unique as they have the baitfish sounds, lighted LED eyes, and rattles. I catch fish on my Bombers, Strike Kings & Normans too. These are all reasonably priced baits. If I lose one, I just buy another. I realize that Lucky Craft is a quality bait with great paint jobs, but I’d rather get two less expensive baits for the price of one LC.