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Water usage at El Capitan taking 22 million gallons a day…

Folsom Lake near Sacramento will be dry in two months–so say independent water experts. If conditions do not change significantly, the numbers (inflows versus drafting and evaporation) lead to no other conclusion.

So, anyone to whom water matters, what are we left with? Waiting for state agencies or agri-business to fix it? Will buying a hybrid auto or not using aerosol fish attractants save the day? Is all we can do is shrug and say, “It’s so sad.”

I believe we should try one more thing. But, it will take something we’re not used to applying in a cynical world that spins us every which way–and that is a parcel of faith.

level down

More ground exposed as Lake Elsinore evaporates…

You may not be aware, but this very weekend, churches throughout the Golden State are going to “have a little faith” and then put it to work. Planned is a statewide fast to ease the drought.

(At my place of worship that means abstaining from two meals between Saturday evening and Sunday dinner, which obviously, will require some sacrifice.)

For people of faith (or regular church attenders) taking such action likewise includes a requisite bit of humility and prayer. (Really: praying for rain). And that will be a test for many of us–especially on this particular weekend.

Naturally, not everyone will participate. Many will probably dis the notion, find it too unimaginable or assume one “headliner” storm is going to be enough. I understand. It’s just that I’m one who believes that “faith precedes the miracle,” so I’m in.

Then after almost five years of drought–in time, over time–I’m hopeful it rains sufficiently on all our heads.




5 Responses to “Drought. What can a guy do about it?”

by George Kramer

More news out of Sacramento today. For the first time in the 58-year history of the State Water Project, there will be no water deliveries to Southern California. Likewise, a spokesperson from the MWD stated, with current storage and water banking, “If everyone cut back 20 percent of their usage, we could get through this.” That sounds serious to me.

Frankly, I’m very worried about our local lakes. Saw an article about Cachuma in the L.A. Times online. They had pictures. It was so sad. The launch ramp is high and dry. No one can launch their boats. I heard Piru was a mud hole too. What will happen to all the fish?

Interesting readng from the Fish Sniffer’s Dan Bacher (published in the Elk Grove News, 2/1/14):

“State and Feds Drained Northern California Reservoirs”

by George Kramer

Good link, fish_food. Thank you. Frankly, I left such matters out of my post because, if we don’t get the rain and snow first, it won’t matter who has allotments coming–there won’t be any water to deliver.

The Lord answers prayer. One must ask first, so lets pray for more than ‘some’, but overflowing!