El Capitan

SATURDAY destination, El Capitan Lake…

As a kid I remember playing football with friends and others on Thanksgiving or New Year’s Day–inspired by the major games scheduled on those and other dates. We were never going to play big time college sports, but it was still exciting to be out there ourselves, when the big guys were on the air.

Presently, with the Bassmasters Classic going this week (Feb. 21-23) then it only seems fitting that maybe a number of us will be competing in our own local tournaments first, (more…)

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Thought you ought to know. The City of Lake Elsinore is having a huge music festival (aka Good Vibes) this weekend at La Laguna Resort, and that means the main launch ramp at the lake on Riverside Drive will be closed for the weekend.

A host of groups (more…)

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DON’T NEED lithium, need nitroglycerin for those prices…

I like Aaron Martens. He’s unique, focused and what the hey? He’s a former Californian and seemingly, a nice guy, too.

But after reading about his new sponsorship deal, he doesn’t like me–or you–for that matter. Why else would he be trying to squeeze you for three or four $1000 to $2000 batteries for your rig? Man, I’m just happy when I can fill the tank, fix a trolling motor cable and pay my entry fee.

But it says here: “Bassmaster Elite Series 2013 Angler of the Year Aaron Martens will run Lithium Pro Batteries in 2014. (more…)

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I think some readers may not even know that national pro Gary Klein originally hails from the Golden State.

But one of my cherished memories in the sport was when Gary drove from Oroville down to Lake Elsinore to pick me up, enroute to my first (come to think of it, my only) Bassmaster event, at Sam Rayburn. As was the custom of the day, (more…)

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poor man's work bench

IT’S GOT STUFF & a cutting board…

I’m no expert, but over the years, I get ideas about stuff. Maybe repositioning a hook holder on a wooden bait, or creating my own trailer hooks–or maybe just chipping paint out of a hook eye, or trimming Mylar.

But by the time I’m ready to take action, I either have to make a run to Home Depot, or make do with what I have. Either way, (more…)

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AN INFLATED nightcrawler fooled this near 8-pounder for Mark Eddo of Ramona at Lake Wohlford.*

A mild winter has set things in motion a little bit earlier than normal, but I am reminded that bass are again exhibiting the kind of behavior that tells me we’re over-thinking stuff at times.

In my part of the state (for the better part of 40 years–marked by the invention or wide-spread use of of floating trout baits) largemouth bass continue to fall for things they shouldn’t.

For when I say “trout baits” I’m not talking swimbaitclique.net, I’m talking miniature marshmallows, Power Bait and best of all, inflated nightcrawlers: standard fare of the bank-sitting trout angler. (more…)

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