poor man's work bench

IT’S GOT STUFF & a cutting board…

I’m no expert, but over the years, I get ideas about stuff. Maybe repositioning a hook holder on a wooden bait, or creating my own trailer hooks–or maybe just chipping paint out of a hook eye, or trimming Mylar.

But by the time I’m ready to take action, I either have to make a run to Home Depot, or make do with what I have. Either way,

it’s kind of like pouring bacon grease on your shoe. Suddenly the project gets replaced by something not nearly as interesting.

Anyway, when I stumbled onto this $10 item before Christmas, I thought, for that price, I can tinker anytime I want–and if something breaks, I’m no worse off.


LITTLE SCREW HEADS won’t thwart you now…

True, this General tool set with needlenose, brand x hobby knife, magnifying glass and tweezers among several items, is perfect for the amateur (read me) and for little jobs that don’t require the kit of a tool and die or watch maker. It’s just stuff that applies to the little modifications I’d like to make–but usually don’t.

Anyway, ever find yourself looking for something to grab that stray thread on a trailer hook, or turn a screw that’s way too small for anything you own, or for those of us with a few more miles on our orbs–a magnifying glass to see what’s really the problem–this little kit has it.

So that’s all I got, now. Although I’m very close to a cure for many quagga mussel break-offs. (We’re in the testing stages, but I’ll let you know.)


2 Responses to “Tinkering and thinking little ideas”

I have a couple of those little tool kits at my office. They really come in handy.

If our lakes dry up, we won’t have a quagga problem anymore. 🙂

I can’t argue on either point…