I think some readers may not even know that national pro Gary Klein originally hails from the Golden State.

But one of my cherished memories in the sport was when Gary drove from Oroville down to Lake Elsinore to pick me up, enroute to my first (come to think of it, my only) Bassmaster event, at Sam Rayburn. As was the custom of the day, he pulled his rig (a Skeeter then) behind the van as the pro boater, while I was entered as a pro-non-boater.

That was 30 years ago this spring, where Gary had a captive (and willing) audience for 22 hours, which was further enhanced by practicing with him for two days and camping for the week alongside Rick Clunn.


GARY KLEIN still pushing for a Classic win.

But spring forward to the present. While you may not be able to ride along with Gary drinking Big Gulps and crunching chips as I once did, you may, however, have access to him in ways that never existed.

I speak of Klein’s revamped website, and also his greater use of social media.

Far removed from the 20-something I crossed the country with, yet Gary remains as driven as anyone in his age bracket. Thirty Bassmaster Classics, a U.S. Open title and two B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year titles and he’s still pushing (aided by Repel and a strong line-up of sponsors).

In a news release this week he was quoted as saying, “I am still on a path to be the kind of angler I want to be,” adding, “I have goals that I want to accomplish, and it starts in February at Lake Guntersville when we get to the Bassmaster Classic.”

(BTW: The latter being one of the few things he has not accomplished in his most excellent career.)

Anyway, if you have a moment, maybe check out his site. Though I’ll probably just call his cell–I think he still owes me for Cheetos.





One Response to “The ‘new’ Gary Klein more accessible than ever”

I still have, and use Klein Black Weapon hooks! I use them when I split shot. He’s doing a terrific job with Major League Fishing too.