DON’T NEED lithium, need nitroglycerin for those prices…

I like Aaron Martens. He’s unique, focused and what the hey? He’s a former Californian and seemingly, a nice guy, too.

But after reading about his new sponsorship deal, he doesn’t like me–or you–for that matter. Why else would he be trying to squeeze you for three or four $1000 to $2000 batteries for your rig? Man, I’m just happy when I can fill the tank, fix a trolling motor cable and pay my entry fee.

But it says here: “Bassmaster Elite Series 2013 Angler of the Year Aaron Martens will run Lithium Pro Batteries in 2014. Martens will be using Lithium Pro batteries for both his main battery and his trolling motor batteries for his 2014 season.”

Apparently he is one of the first tour level anglers to do this. And I can imagine. I went to the website to compare what’s already under my deck and my $500 worth of batteries could jump to about $4500! Martens touts, “Their warranty is an incredible four years or 800 cycles. Each cycle is a fishing day.”

Unfortunately, my payday cycle is roughly every two weeks–and it has some other stuff earmarked ahead of my trolling motor needs.

Of course, I’m the guy who railed against $40,000 bass boats and $3,000 sonar units so I’m probably all wrong about this. But what really pushed me over the top was the “Aaron Martens Special.” Yep, with your qualifying order (over $2000), all you have to do is type in the code AMART at checkout and you’re entitled to a $100 discount and free shipping!

Tell you what. I plan on saving both the C-note and the shipping–by not ordering.

What did we ever do to you, Aaron?



7 Responses to “Aaron Martens obviously doesn’t like you”

I agree – that is a healthy price tag for some batteries, but when I look back at my last 2 full years of fishing (prior to working too much and having some kids). I spent 1/2 of that and still had battery issues constantly. Most of the guys I know who fish 30+ days a year get new batteries every year. At lets say $80 a battery – thats $320 a year and you’ll still have issues from time to time. For years and that is $1280 in batteries and they way 65 lbs a piece vs. 22ish per battery. Now I think Aaron will agree with me that most people don’t need Lithium Batteries – but those who can afford them, its a nice luxury.

For what its worth, if I knew how to catch a fish and fished for a living – I would without question use Lithium batteries! As an infrequent angler that I have become – good ole Walmart Everstarts will do just fine.

Good read as always Kramer!

I think Boyd Duckett has been running lithium batteries for a couple of years now. I seem to recall seeing a short video talking about his lithium batteries. I think you need a special battery charger for them. Just like any new technology, eventually the prices will come down.

I’m going to start a new trend with a Honda 2000 generator and run my trolling motor off that. Wave of the future! “Sarcastic!!” Bet I can do it too!!

For that price, I wonder if I could get Federal Eco Credits, a tax deduction, and special HOV lane privileges for my bote? 🙂

Lol Guy! I had so many power problems during my last US Open appearance I actually did that during competition. No wonder I sucked so bad…

He’s been running them for several years, as have a few others. You do need a special charger. We were pitted next to each other at the open 2 years ago and had them then. There are some inherent dangers with them just ask Boeing!

Hey Guy your comment goes to something else George referred to: the price of bass boats. Generators and inverters are common on saltwater boats priced the same as the top end bass boats.