Thought you ought to know. The City of Lake Elsinore is having a huge music festival (aka Good Vibes) this weekend at La Laguna Resort, and that means the main launch ramp at the lake on Riverside Drive will be closed for the weekend.

A host of groups including: Sean Kingston, E-40, Tribal Seeds, Common Sense, Mystic Roots, Marlon Asher, Fortunate Youth, Dogg Pound, Spawnbreezie, Irie Love, New Kingston, The Expanders, The Simpkin Project, Krooked Treez, Go Getta’s, Ezzrah, Iya Terra, DJ SALAM WRECK w/ DPG will be on stage.

Now just because none of these are on my playlist, doesn’t mean there won’t be a host of folks rockin’ the ramp, so if you are planning to get on the water, you’ll need to go to the Elsinore West Marina (just continue west on Riverside Drive).

Don’t ask me about show times or ticket prices, but the whole world is on-line.

And I’m pretty sure on Monday the ramp will be back in service, since I’ve got a boat test with the boys at Anglers Marine that day.


3 Responses to “‘Good Vibes’ will close Elsinore resort ramp”

Good thing there are mountains between Elsi and my house. 🙂

Funny, Brian. Just remember, the the 74 is a two-way street on that count. 😉

Maybe those Elsinore bass will get a contact high and start chewing