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SATURDAY destination, El Capitan Lake…

As a kid I remember playing football with friends and others on Thanksgiving or New Year’s Day–inspired by the major games scheduled on those and other dates. We were never going to play big time college sports, but it was still exciting to be out there ourselves, when the big guys were on the air.

Presently, with the Bassmasters Classic going this week (Feb. 21-23) then it only seems fitting that maybe a number of us will be competing in our own local tournaments first, then checking Classic weigh-in results later in the day. You know, in the spirit of the big game.

I’ll be a guest partner at the Anglers Marine Appreciation Tournament at El Capitan Lake, looking forward to good weather and a good time. But one thing is distinctly different for our Western events than for the Classic (in this case, being held at Lake Guntersville in Alabama).

That will be our weigh-ins. As I learned from the B.A.S.S. website, in California, the rules regarding holding and carrying the fish for live release are more stringent. While anglers can hold fish in an aerated livewell here, we (and those in both Arizona and Nevada) are limited to holding bass in a bag of water to no more than three minutes.

Yet, in this year’s Classic, the fish will be transported 80 miles–one way–from the lake to the convention center where the weigh-in will be staged. According to the report,  with water temperatures in the 40’s, there is not a lot of concern regarding mortality.

Still, don’t expect that example to hold much sway in our part of the world. One, our water is generally warmer (though NorCal might be similar to the Southeast) and secondly attitudes here about fish care are more intense. We understand these are the rules we play by–and it seems to be working.

Of course, carrying tournament bass in a weigh bag has another issue. You have to catch one first. We’ll see what happens, Saturday.





4 Responses to “Fishing like you were one of the ‘big guys’”

Good luck on Saturday, George!

Way to go in getting 8th place for you and your son at the tourney last Sat (and also in the $$) Great Job George!!

Actually, we were hoping to be in the top 50 percent of the field; ended up with a little more weight than we were expecting. But thanks, Mike.

Congrats, George!