DVL quarry

BAROTRAUMA takes toll at DVL winter tournaments…

UPDATED, 3-26–For those regulars fishing Diamond Valley Lake this past winter where tournament limits were reduced to three fish per boat for a DFW study of barotrauma, you should know the results will soon be published, according fishery biologist Quinn Granfors.

Having seen the report, all I can say is, if there was a bright spot in the data, it was that, “deflation significantly reduced mortalities.” But as the insurance commercial says, “Everybody knows that.”

Here’s a brief synopsis. A portion of all the fish–specifically those showing some signs of barotrauma taken from eight winter tournaments–was divided into two groups. Of those 214 bass (more…)

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Maybe not in some major national event, but don’t think for a minute that tournament cheating (or attempts at such larceny) are any less prevalent today than say a couple of years back. (See special note below).

Case in point. While enjoying the taco lunch following today’s (March 22) El Cajon Ford team tournament at El Capitan Lake, I saw on display at the gazebo (more…)

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flat surface area

THE MORE FLAT surface area of the sole, the better contact with the trolling motor button…

Here is a question. Can it matter what shoe you wear while operating the trolling motor? After a few years on the bow of my rig, I’m thinking–well, yeah.

The fact of the matter is, regardless of the trolling motor brand (and thus the placement of the “button” on the pedal) your switching from right foot to left and vice versa means you don’t get the same contact–foot to button.

While bodily, we may have individual variations, yet neither are we robots. (more…)

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Dream Extreme returns

DREAM EXTREME Derby returns…

UPDATED again–sponsors–(2:20 p.m.) UPDATED (1:24 p.m.)–The second annual Dream Extreme fishing competition will return to Lake Elsinore, May 3-4, with boats, jetskis (personal watercraft) kayaks and float tubes all eligible to participate.

Presented by the Lake Elsinore Casino and hosted by the City of Lake Elsinore, the Chamber of Commerce, CR&R, Phenix Tackle, Bass Knuckles, Sierra Slammers Bite-On Fish Attractants and Owner Hooks, (more…)

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salt creek

SALT CREEK flows had dropped to less than 30 cfs this morning…

Every weather TV forecaster (in a suit or some go-go outfit) got to comment on this past weekend’s precipitation, but I hope the reality of the storms is not over-stated.

Ski guy was pumped; Offroader guy was digging it, but Bass guy was hardly lovin’ what he saw in the Southland.

My sources in North County (San Diego) say Lake Hodges raised maybe a foot. And the low water level (and thus no ramp) may have contributed to the possible drowning of one bass angler who, (more…)

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