salt creek

SALT CREEK flows had dropped to less than 30 cfs this morning…

Every weather TV forecaster (in a suit or some go-go outfit) got to comment on this past weekend’s precipitation, but I hope the reality of the storms is not over-stated.

Ski guy was pumped; Offroader guy was digging it, but Bass guy was hardly lovin’ what he saw in the Southland.

My sources in North County (San Diego) say Lake Hodges raised maybe a foot. And the low water level (and thus no ramp) may have contributed to the possible drowning of one bass angler who, (from some accounts) allegedly went from his regular boat to a kayak in order to keep fishing at Lake Sutherland near Ramona.*

San Jacinto river

SAN JACINTO RIVER peaked & then flows nearly stopped.

Then we have the San Jacinto River system in Riverside County. My source from Canyon Lake noted this one storm raised the level almost six feet and close to capacity. His exact words: “It’s right up there. It looks like it could be lapping on the spillway.”

The charts included here give a sense of the runoff in the water system at different locations (Salt Creek and San Jacinto River). Since we don’t get truly extended storm action, you can see the flows tend to peak, then drop-off rapidly.

Nonetheless, until Canyon actually does spill, Lake Elsinore won’t get a big influx of water.

Monday shot

ELSINORE this morning (Monday) compared to Friday image on the right.

Thursday shotYou can see by the photos from last Friday to this morning that there wasn’t a lot of change in the level (said to be 1239.38 prior to the storm).

So, yes the rain has been a great start to the season, still the impact has been minimal on the lake scene. But if those smiling weather people start talking about more “much needed” rain in the next few weeks, then maybe we’ll get enough to raise lake levels substantially.

*A medical condition was also cited as a possible mitigating factor. Official word was not available immediately.


8 Responses to “I heard it rained…any evidence of that?”

by George Kramer

Latest info just came in from Lake, Parks & Recreation Dept. of Lake Elsinore:

“Canyon Lake’s elevation is currently 1,380.99’ aMSL. The dam spill elevation is 1,381.76’ aMSL, so the current water level is about 9” below the top of the dam.

“Lake Elsinore’s current elevation is 1,239.82’ aMSL. Prior to the rain the elevation was 1,239.38’ aMSL, so the Lake rose 5-1/4 inches as a result of local rainfall.”

Weather or not (pun intended) it’s all we get – to have a full on storm finally come in like that is a good thing -I’ll take it.

We just need about 8 more!

by George Kramer

I agree, cc. 🙂

Have you heard anything from Cachuma regarding the lake level after the storms? I haven’t found anything on it.

by George Kramer

According to the report from yesterday, the lake has only come up one foot, Darlene. See

Thank you, George! I knew you’d steer me in the right direction!

by Guy Williams

Looks like a wet El Nino is being forcasted for us next year. It’s early but at least something to look forward to!

@ Darlene, Cachuma rep at The Fred Hall show said a 14 day quarantine is now in effect