Dream Extreme returns

DREAM EXTREME Derby returns…

UPDATED again–sponsors–(2:20 p.m.) UPDATED (1:24 p.m.)–The second annual Dream Extreme fishing competition will return to Lake Elsinore, May 3-4, with boats, jetskis (personal watercraft) kayaks and float tubes all eligible to participate.

Presented by the Lake Elsinore Casino and hosted by the City of Lake Elsinore, the Chamber of Commerce, CR&R, Phenix Tackle, Bass Knuckles, Sierra Slammers Bite-On Fish Attractants and Owner Hooks, the contest is scheduled to be filmed and then aired on Fox Sports West. It also appears that video coverage will include overhead drone shots to capture this unique event. The May timing of the event should enhance angling for all warm water species.

The derby is limited to 200 teams and will commence from the La Laguna Resort and Marina, one of the finest ramps in California. The prize list continues to grow and overnight packages will be available at the Casino. While more information will be forthcoming, you can learn the details by calling 951-674-3101.


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Woot.. Will be there.

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