flat surface area

THE MORE FLAT surface area of the sole, the better contact with the trolling motor button…

Here is a question. Can it matter what shoe you wear while operating the trolling motor? After a few years on the bow of my rig, I’m thinking–well, yeah.

The fact of the matter is, regardless of the trolling motor brand (and thus the placement of the “button” on the pedal) your switching from right foot to left and vice versa means you don’t get the same contact–foot to button.

While bodily, we may have individual variations, yet neither are we robots. We aren’t symmetrical–and when it comes to “foot control” most aren’t ambidextrous either. (Do a little La Raspa on the front deck and see how your foot lands when you switch).


LESS CONTACT with walking shoe…

As I have got a little more serious about running the boat, I have found, unfortunately, that shoe comfort and efficient troll-motor operation are sometimes at odds. Why? Because  shoes made for walking or running, emphasize the contact area from the ball of the foot forward only while striding.

skater shoe

MORE CONTACT with skate shoe…

Other styles: old school cross-training or what my kids call “skate shoes,” have more of a flat sole surface and less toe area rise. While you would think it wouldn’t matter, the fact is, you don’t always put your foot on the pedal in perfect position when switching feet to cast off either side of the boat.

In that instant–especially in the wind or with a lighter boat–you have dead moments where you aren’t controlling the boat position. And because of inertia, at those moments it takes more time on the button to get the boat moving the way you want–a small, but possibly costly–lack of control.

I’m sure a guy with size 13 EE is probably wondering what’s the problem. But if you find you are briefly losing contact with the button on your pedal–maybe a change of shoes will make a difference.





9 Responses to “The sole of control…”

Get 2 good anchors with 200ft of rope on each and quit worrying about the troll motor! Heed the lessons BM taught you GK!

by George Kramer

Stotes: I’m thinking today’s audience has no idea what you’re talking about. 😉

Indeed…cant believe how often I get asked why there are 2 milk crates on the deck of my Champion? When it’s windy we fish where others can’t…

Shoes! I never thought my lack of control over the foot pedal could be my shoes! I always just attributed it to my small feet, and the larger Minn Kota foot pedal. Thanks for the tip, George!

For dual anchoring – “In Search of Giant Bass” by Bill Murphy and/or the article you wrote in Western Bass magazine waaaay back George.

by George Kramer

I just can’t escape the past…

I remember Bill Murphy but I am old enough that I can barely remember anything. Hopefully I will remember to try some different shoes the next time I get the boat out.

GK – Getting a “Cool Foot” stick on Foot control pad may help in pressing the switch. As for shoes, don’t forget the sandals, Zeko Strike King shoe, and Crocs for some of the more in-touch customers. 🙂

by Jason Prewitt

Bill Murphy’s book was one of the best I ever read on fishing…Just to comment on that one 🙂 LOL…

I fish in Vans. They seem to help with a very flat sole. But I also have huge feet too.