a clipRain damage (from the little rain we had this year) led to me finding the answer to a bass fishing trivia question. That being, “How long has there been a California Top 40 Bass Angler List?”

Curious as it might seem, before I could begin my search through a broken storage box of old, water-logged publications, a gust of wind picked up a photo copy of the first such list and tossed it on my back lawn.  (Really.)

And the issue date (in Fishing & Hunting News) was April 14-18, 1994. (more…)

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Until I did the research, I had no idea there was such an abyss when it comes to spinning rod lengths. I started looking for a fluke rod (SoCal, 4-inch Super Fluke Jr. style) and due to a short lead time, I had to borrow one from one of the best (though possibly unknown) anglers in my area. (more…)

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21ae7bfa-db4e-4653-82b5-99f92554986b[1]I don’t know if he saw the same irony that I did, but I just got off the phone with Dave Precht, former editor of Bassmaster Magazine, once the primary and dominant word on bass fishing.

Instead of trying to convince him of a story idea for the publication, I was asking about something new tech: the B.A.S.S. News app.

Now the magazine is fine, (more…)

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