21ae7bfa-db4e-4653-82b5-99f92554986b[1]I don’t know if he saw the same irony that I did, but I just got off the phone with Dave Precht, former editor of Bassmaster Magazine, once the primary and dominant word on bass fishing.

Instead of trying to convince him of a story idea for the publication, I was asking about something new tech: the B.A.S.S. News app.

Now the magazine is fine, and has been an industry standard, but I’m finding the younger generation of bass guys is not cool about waiting for some graying outdoor writer to create a feature or features that maybe comes out every other month.

Everybody wants it now, which they have on the Internet, but obviously, which they can’t wait to get back home for.

According to the news release, “The new app gives them a steady stream of news about all the cool things going on in the bass fishing world — including up-to-the minute tournament details, fishing tips and gear news. The app makes it easy for fans to keep up with their favorite sport no matter where they are.”

Additionally, the app accesses all the B.A.S.S. tournament news, plus how-to info and columns from the pros. (Man, that used to be my job!)

Anyway, this is the way the world spins these days and with the new app, you’ll get close to real time results–within maybe a minute–so you can follow all the Westerners (or former ones) as they ply the national tour. And the data is already optimized for the small screen.

Here’s some other information you may need to know, from the release:

“All B.A.S.S. apps are now available on Android smartphones through the Google Play store. The Bassmaster News app is compatible with the Android 2.3.3 and up. Both apps are also available on iPhones through App store and are compatible with iPad and iPod touch as well. These apps are optimized for iPhone 5.”

As for me, Alexander Graham Bell and I are fixing to head out to the lake.