Until I did the research, I had no idea there was such an abyss when it comes to spinning rod lengths. I started looking for a fluke rod (SoCal, 4-inch Super Fluke Jr. style) and due to a short lead time, I had to borrow one from one of the best (though possibly unknown) anglers in my area.

Bottom line, his tool for the job was a Dobyns, DX7928SF (7-foot, 9-inch, medium light, fast action) that not only lets you throw an unweighted bait a goodly distance, but also lets you set the hook.

Yet a couple of things became evident. Dobyns does not list this model as one for flukes, neither on the blank or as a “secondary use” on the Dobyns website. Kind of ironic, since on the site Dobyns touts: “…you can be assured that it is absolutely the right tool for the job.”

It’s first call is as a shakey head or dart head stick–and admittedly–it does that just fine. But I don’t need a darthead rod and have been doing fairly well with sticks as short as 5-2 during the 1980’s and presently with a 7-0. In fact, I’m pretty sure the only guys in California who have been fishing dartheads longer than me are in assisted care!

But I digress. The thing that struck me (or is that stuck me?) was the $359 price tag. But hey, Dobyns must be saying, “Try and find another one for less, Kramer.” For even he doesn’t even offer a 7-9 in his other series.

What I did find were some similar actions (similar, not identical) in 7 feet, 6 inches, with Fenwick Aetos, Shimano Compre, Temple Creek Outfitters and several others with models from $99 to perhaps $140 in that general action–just three inches shorter.

Since the fluke bite is on, I couldn’t wait and so, truth be told, I picked up a Compre. Yeah, it’s not a Dobyns, it’s heavier; it’s shorter, but c’mon! I’m just throwing flukes and $250 seems a little much for three more inches of graphite tubing.

Of course, there will be more to this story. I’ll talk about my source, plus the other components in his technique in the coming week. But, at least, now you know about the most expensive three inches in fishing!