Western choices

WESTERN CHOICES from Rusty Brown…X Pops, Skitter Walk, Skitter Pop

Just two and a half months until the U.S. Open and 2013 Open champ Rusty Brown was talking topwater–especially following a successful trip to Minnesota, where he fished Mille Lacs Lake for smallies.

While you could argue, the difference between the natural lakes on the northern tier of the country and the arid desert of Arizona and Nevada are worlds apart, it’s hard to argue the methods are similar.

Even the wider availability of smallmouth bass at Lake Mead and the September U.S. Open connect the two extremes. (more…)

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The monthly Diagnostic Discussion from NOAA is out and the percentages continue to climb–now a 70 and even 80 percent likelihood–for the return of El Nino condition, typically associated with wetter winters. So, if the banks on your local reservoir look like the bottom of the Grand Canyon, the prospects for future rainfall are pretty tantalizing. (more…)

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fluke bite

END RESULT is to get bit.

Recently I brought up rods and their role in fluke fishing, especially for casting unweighted baits such as the Super Fluke Jr. But in trying to become more adept at the method, I first talked to someone who is considered by many in my area as the best of the best with the little fluke.

Some know him as James and by some Jim (his father and my long-time friend’s name) but I kind of know him as Jimmy. Last name: Emmett, from Wildomar.

His might not be a household name, but those lucky few that have shared a boat with him at any of the local ponds know it. When it comes to this particular technique, everyone else (more…)

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