Hey, nobody likes a critic, but if I didn’t say something regarding the Straightcast “spinning” reel about to be unveiled at ICAST this week, I wouldn’t be doing my job.

Take a look at the video and you really won’t need my observations. While I must give them (KendraGear LLC) an “A” for effort, a spool that flips horizontally to cast and pivots perpendicularly to reel is like an old surf/long casting concept. So, one, it ain’t new.

And two, the gears are exposed to dust and grit. We don’t fish in a vacuum.*

And three, in order to put tension on the line, you need to hold the rod and the line in one hand unless you are throwing a bait that creates friction in the water like a crank or spinnerbait.

Oh, and four. Why worry so much about line twist when the whole world is going to braided line for spinning? Makes me wonder if one of the nylon extruding companies is behind the design.


* If this is a prototype and actually has side coverings (and why they’re not shown, I don’t know) that will be a plus. Don’t see any change on the other marks.



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Hahahahaahhahhahahaha! ICAST is always good for at least one laugh.