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Several weeks back I rued the fact I could not find a full 7 1/2-foot rod for a specific method [flukes] for less than $360. I settled on four inches shorter (for now) and $230 less.

At that time, it became clear to me as I hunted all around the web, that I couldn’t find one because I wanted something that most people don’t want. So while I may be scratching my head over Quantum’s new 8.1:1 retrieve Smoke Speed Freak baitcaster introduced this week, I’ve come to the conclusion: somebody wants one.

Because bass, even really big, fat ones, will never be confused with tuna for fighting prowess you don’t need pure power. Largemouth do provide some challenges more because of where they live and how they react and what you need to draw a strike or set the hook.

I’ve always liked spinning for that very reason, I can pick up line quickly when bit, and can stay tight if the fish comes at me. I may even use that speed to encourage a fish turn away from cover by adding sudden pressure.

But when you’re flipping mats, you don’t need speed on the presentation. But when responding to a strike, it’s important to pick up (slack) line–even heavy line–so you don’t give the fish much margin to escape. Fast helps you do that and thus the role of matching 7:1 reels with flipping or pitching rods.

As I look at the conditions I typically fish locally, however, 7:1 is rarely useful though I have it. But 8.1:1  and the something like 35 inches a turn it gives, sounds like a bait-burning special (if you can get your bait tuned to run true at that speed.) As yet, I don’t see that need replacing any of the 25 other rods in the boat.

What will be interesting to see is if other manufacturers think there is a demand for 8:1, or will Quantum be the Lonely Ranger.





One Response to “Somebody wants one, that’s why”

Nothing is trendier than bass tackle and whatever the current offerings, there will always be a rationale/pitch as to why we need the latest – IMHO.