El cap closed

A bass boat (NOT PICTURED in this file photo) was involved in a fatal collision at El Capitan Lake.

UPDATED–If you heard about the death of a young angler {officially two anglers} and bass boat involvement in the crash at El Capitan Lake yesterday (click here) then you know everyone in the sport has a knot in their stomach about this.

And while not all the facts are clear, finger-pointing will fix on someone. Yet, I have to think that of the potential causes, sheer lunacy is probably not the primary issue.

Of course, unlike blood alcohol content, you can’t exactly measure “diminished capacity” or “blatant disregard for human life” in the same way. Still, I don’t want to sound like a zealot, if indeed alcohol proves to be a contributing factor here (though the cause matters precious little to the families who have a lost loved one.)

As some know, I do not partake as a part of my religious observance. However, I have a number of close friends who do, and they’ll never hear me tell them what they ought to do. I just hope they know I would serve as designated driver–at the drop of bottle cap.

Moving forward, while we could argue there are “legal limits,” I’m hoping that doesn’t mean that such beverages (or any chemicals, for that matter) should be on the menu before anyone backs in or puts the hammer down and rockets down the lake this summer. That can’t be a good idea, can it?

Anyway, I’m not talking about blame here. I’m thinking about prevention of future accidents. Caution just has to be our first concern.