Not all rods and reels

NOT QUITE READY, but I’m getting there…

I was hoping to get over to Lake Mead this week, having spent last week putting together all this summer’s rod, reel and line combinations for another shot at the U.S. Open.

But what I had not allowed for was so many other things associated with boat and motor prep, along with storage reorganization. Before I could get to the highway, I needed my annual Anglers Marine water pump replacement, computer diagnosis, plus a strap here, a hinge there, plus some bulk oil for the extra miles I plan to run before Sept. 8.

I won’t bore you with the specifics, for in fact, the things you might need for your rig may not be the same as mine.  I wanted the hull double waxed (and the same for the truck) and I needed to take everything out of the boat and reposition it.

Two reasons. One, I’ve been fishing team tournaments with my son Mike for several months, and that has led to filling up lockers with stuff the two of us commonly use. But as the Open gets closer, I’ll need to all but empty that back locker on the passenger side so my daily partners have space for their gear.

The other reason, I have found that over the last 12 months that I have a different idea of what I need to bring, or more so, what I need to put in a priority spot, rather than a purely storage spot.

In other words, outboard and TM props can be in the starboard rod locker along with lure customizing items and extra line. But spare sunglasses, leader material and that don’t-show-anyone bait, I want to throw in practice, is close where I can grab it quick.

What I have discovered in the last week, however, is there is launching at Echo Bay (though not a lot of lake to the north) and that if inflows and outflows parallel as they have the last couple of years, what you now see at Lake Mead is what you’ll get in September.

Anyway, give me a few more days and I’ll be ready to head over.


8 Responses to “Open preparation: Not all rods and reels”

I noticed you’re still using the old Transom Saver for your motor. I finally got tired of buying new transom savers all the time cuz they kept breaking at the pivot. I ended up buying a Motor Mate (Stainless steel model) and it’s rock solid! Works very good on Mercury motors.

by George Kramer

Yep. Had another, adjustable style with two contact points on the lower unit bolts. Ultimately it didn’t seat well on the uneven surface below the hydraulics and one of the caps broke under pressure. I just went back to the one I’ve had for four years.

Was the one you had Lock ‘N Haul? Those work good on motors other than Mercury. I used one on my Evinrude and it worked great, but since I already knew from a friend that it didn’t work good on his Mercury, I bought the Motor Mate when I got my new engine. Love it! The cap broke on mine too, but it was due to a bad batch of caps, and Motor Mate replaced them quickly. They have good customer service.

George, what’s the horse power rating of your Mercury?

by George Kramer

It’s an Opti 150.

by George Kramer

If the truth be told, yes it was.

I too, am well into my preparation for the open George.. Its amazing how much tackle gets accumulated in the boat over a season even with monthly reorganizing.
My preparation looks like this.

Baits and Tackle- check
Boat- Check
Cloths, buffs, sunglasses, raingear, Save Face mask, hats, gloves, and sunscreen- Check
Entry fee paid in full- Check
Hotel reservations made and paid in full- Check (Though I can still use a room mate if you know someone wanting to stay at the Boulder Station with me. I have an extra bed.)
Getting in shape to fish under possibly grueling conditions for 5-6 days..CHECK

Now all I need is to find the right school of bass to help me accomplish my goal of a top 10 finish.

Good luck see you there..

by George Kramer

That “roomie” offering should work for someone!