LOCALS show in Temple Bay...

LOCALS show in Temple Bay…

After spending a couple of days at the end of August and a couple of days this past week in advance of the U.S. Open that starts Monday, I can say without equivocation, the weather forecasters have blown up our practice.

Unlike the common monsoonal flows over in Arizona and Nevada–and this weather must be related–we also have the dying hurricane Norbert petering out of the eastern Pacific and moving up and across the Southwest.

Bottom line, we had sunshine and modest winds for most of practice after flash flooding about a month ago.


WE COULD SEE the sky last Friday…

In other words, those preparing for this Lake Mead challenge are going to find a different stage. Rain? Yes. Clouds? Yes. And wind? We really don’t know how much or the areas where the biggest blows are concentrated.

And that’s my concern. With 18 1/2 feet of boat and 150 horses, I really don’t want to face the angry seas. And if I don’t, I’ll end up in a confined, protected area with a lot of other boats that don’t want to take a beating either.

And that’s how it stands Sunday afternoon.


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Please be careful, George.

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