Maybe I just woke up cranky (my back still aching from a wild Lake Mead race already two weeks ago), but sometimes I’m not ready to accept every angler testimonial of what I should buy.

What set me off today was a Facebook promo for a spinbait featuring former California pro Kevin Hawk. It’s a dynamic shot, and as a former Forrest Wood Cup winner, Hawk is a credible guy. But for me, it doesn’t work. Yep, Duo Realis makes a good bait. And as I noted, Hawk has credibility. Or at least, he has in the past.

But we all know the spin bait is a niche lure, and Hawk (hate to bring up the facts) is 72nd the Bassmaster Elite standings and only had one top 20 finish the entire year (and two 35ths).

The message of the promo was: Buy and catch. But his statistics say: Fish this and you can’t win, or “I caught this dandy in practice.” Either way, I’m not sold.

On the other hand, there are some spokespersons that do move us at times–but more often than not, it’s because we already have a connection to a product. Case in point, I run a Nitro (hey, just like KVD!) and I fish Roboworms (hey, just like Aaron Martens!)

More than testimonials, I think we prefer something a bit more subtle, like a tip from a friend. For example, viewer of this site, Darlene Wise, hooked me up with a Motor Mate for my outboard. I’ve used a couple of other devices on the transom and sorry, this thing just does the job better. “DWise” is not doing commercials, but her advice was solid.

Hey, I know the pros need the sponsorship backing, but they’ll have to work harder to get me to bite.







4 Responses to “Testimonials: Some are harder to swallow”

The more “elite” pros have become (by design), the less credible they have become as well. It’s all about the corporate dollar anyway you can get it.

LOL George! Thank you for the confidence! 🙂

I actually bought two spinbaits, 1 #90, and 1 #80. Haven’t had the opportunity to try them yet though so I can’t testify as to the effectiveness. I’m also going to buy the new Jackall Pompadour. A guy in the club used one and caught some nice topwater fish. Plus I’m a sucker when it comes to unusual baits, and I need topwater baits that I don’t have to jerk or twitch because I have carpal tunnel in both wrists. Plus I don’t palm my baitcaster, which makes twitching/jerking/walking/popping the bait more difficult. So anytime I see a topwater bait that I can just reel in, I buy it.

I heard Roland Martin say he would put his name on a Snoopy rod if they gave him money. He lost all of his product credibility with the helicopter lure >_<