Hey, I’m kind of a chips and cookies guy when it comes to vending machines. Watching the spring turn with my snack bag inching forward, or hearing the seismic, double thump of that soda bottle hitting the catch bin. But in Australia, they’re getting ready to unveil bait and tackle in vending machines for as many as 60 dealerships down under.

So says Angling International online, noting that a company by the name of Tackle BRO is the distributor. (Bro, I dig it). The idea is to place the machines at locations where tackle stores are absent, or outside existing tackle stores for before/after hours customers.

Acknowledging the world may not be ready for this, I’d have my doubts as well. In our area, I’m pretty sure you don’t want a vending machine in a public place where it could be vandalized every weekend. Likewise, if they put one out in front of a Bass Pro Shops, security might not be so understanding if you’re hanging around their building at 3 in the morning.

Maybe, though, having one at the Chevron station on the way to Callville Bay might be the right location. If they don’t run out of RoboWorms.


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They’d have to have several vending machines or gigantic ones to hold everything an angler might want to buy.

Only the hot sellers, Darlene. Only the hot sellers! 😉

I would imagine they would first stock with terminal tackle, stuff every angler would want to buy, especially in an emergency like early morning on the way to the lake. If there was any room left they could put in freezed dried bait or trout dough bait in jars. I can’t imagine them selling crankbaits in a vending machine because not every type of fishing uses crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and such. Besides that, with the prices of hard baits being what they are, if I owned a vending machine that sold baits, I would be afraid someone would break into my machine and wipe me out!

The latter is a concern, I agree–especially here. Maybe their culture down there is more conducive to fewer break-ins. That vending machines are even considered means someone is thinking outside the box.

I would think that you would find a lot of these machines at the lakes and it would depend on the store at the marina – if any and how fast it turns bait and tackle inventory. The vending machine operator could take the inventory “burden” from the store operator and possibly open up shelf space for faster moving and possibly higher margin items. Plus brick and mortar is clearly on the decline. Servicing the machines would be a trick and I wonder what it would do to the choices one would have.

I’m not sure Australia is any less crime free than us given that it was founded as a penal colony.

Point taken, though you can’t put all the burden of today’s behavior on one’s ancestors.

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In the mid-west, we have vending machines that sell different sizes of live worms and in some cases live minnows.

by George Kramer

I did not know that. Thanks, Bassin8r!