UPDATED 7:05 a.m.Spoiling a perfectly insightful post here on KGF, it appears (read first comments posted) that National Bass West has had a change of heart and will continue its operation in 2015. I apologize for any distress today’s post may have caused.

They say the customer is always right–and for that reason, the goal of most tournament organizations is to get the customer what he wants in the way of paybacks, locations and rules. On the other hand, how does the customer respond when one of those successful circuits suddenly disappears?

That’s what we have now in SoCal as National Bass West (arguably the most popular of the team circuits) has announced it is going on hiatus for 2015. And given this NBW “time out,” I’m a bit curious how this void is going to be filled. The top team fishermen like the bigger draws with their larger payouts. On the other hand, if that goes away, it may be hard for them to sit around every weekend or just go “fun fishing.”

We’ve seen the consequences of the “lesser” pro-am circuits shutting down. Competitive anglers ended up with more discretionary income and that helped create a substantial field in the 2014 U.S. Open. It may do the same for the three-tournament FLW Rayovac tour as well.

But will one fewer team circuit have a similar effect, or will anglers merely shift to the existing ABA or the El Cajon Ford circuits, or go with the Anglers Marine owners-only tour, or will a former player like WON decide to get back in the game?

Or heck, will a new party emerge and try to get a piece of the action?

For that, we’ll have to wait and see.


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I believe that they just announced that NBW will be back this season. I guess they changed their mind.

This was posted on my friend’s Facebook page:

Due to the overwhelming response, we are going to continue(We are so happy!)

Please find our 2014/2015 schedule attached hereto.

Lake Havasu TOC is on October 16/17, 2015.

Thank you for your support with National Bass West.

Mike and Lynne
National Bass West

Almost lost them for at least a year but the anglers have spoken loud, clear & together asking for Lynne & Mike to return. So glad they reconsidered and are bringing NBW back for 2015. Best team circuit in SoCal!

by George Kramer

Unfortunately, it provides very short notice now to fish the SD region.

The first San Diego event is scheduled for November 1 at El Capitan. That gives you more than three weeks to prepare. I hope to see you all there.