In deference to Adam West and company, this weekend’s Bass-A-Thon (BAT) will have its own all-star line-up. No Catwoman, Penguin or Joker, but you’ll find an amazing array of gear, glitter and guests.

Naturally, I look forward to seeing U.S. Open winner Cliff Pirch, a late, but great addition to the line-up of Main Stage speakers. From the national scene, you’ll also see and hear from Bassmasters Classic champ Randy Howell and FLW’s stars Bryan Thrift and Randall Tharp.

For more personal attention, in the BAT-classroom you’ll be schooled by Lowrance Professor Jeff Boyer and get your frog legs under you with the Delta’s own Bobby Barrack. I see more strikes in my future: Boff! Boom! Pow!

Of course, you’ll find table after table of productive new baits (with somebody there to answer specific questions) and down every aisle you’ll likely see the who’s who in western bass fishing history-past and present.

While they’re not expecting Jack Nicholson to show, I suspect there will be some other jokers in Anaheim. Like that guy who created the Top 40 list 20 years ago. (No punches, please. Don’t want to have to hide in the Bat-room).

November 22-23, doors opening at 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Same BAT-time, same BAT-channel.



3 Responses to “Same BAT-time, same BAT-channel…”

Thanks, George! Always great to see you here. Get a seat at the seminars and have fun.

Umm…doors open at 8am, George. If you get there at 7am, you’re welcome to join Mark and I for breakfast!

I’ll make that change. That’s only 7 a.m. if you want VIP parking… 😉