Lake elsinore projection copyDon’t worry, I’m not asking for Mother Nature to take it back. But when I look at conditions just a few seasons back, it’s pretty plain, we have got quite a ways to go when it comes to a wet winter.

Easiest for me to compare with photos is Lake Elsinore (across the street) and yet, when you look at the annual projection for the water level here, it seems officials already knew where we were headed. And here we are.

The 1240 elevation “danger line” for this unique natural basin was passed and just kept receding. Only the forecast of this past week’s storms motivated me to get out shoot how things are/were on Dec. 1, and then look to the future to see what’s in store.

west marina dec 1

ELSINORE, Dec. 1 this year.

marina march 2011

 ELSINORE, Mar. 2011

I know it’s not a popular view from a Chamber of Commerce perspective, but unlike a typical reservoir, the level here doesn’t just go down, the volume shrinks dramatically and the ability of the lake to hold oxygen shrinks as well.

On the plus side, a wet winter (make that several wet winters since we’re asking) can rejuvenate the basin and all other local waterways reliant on substantial run-off.

And that’s why we carry confidence in our tackle boxes, and the weather channel app on our electronic devices.

And knowing Canyon Lake upstream on the San Jacinto River rose to within two feet of the spillway today was hopeful. When it crests, the overflow comes to Lake Elsinore.


4 Responses to “Recent rain only a dribble of 2011, but…”

We’re supposed to get more rain this coming Friday. Hopefully it will be a good rain, even if it is just for a day.

by George Kramer

Yep. And NOAA has upped their odds on an El Nino this winter to almost 65% as the report says:

Do these rains translate to Mead and Powell filling, how are snow packs coming along? It would be nice for Sutherland to fill back up, I loved that lake,. Rain baby, Rain!!!!

by George Kramer

The Rocky Mountains are the key to the Colorado River lakes. Powell is in the best shape of the two. Sutherland didn’t change much with this latest rain (still below the launch ramp) but a few storms back-to-back might get it open to boats again in the spring.