Vail Lake jump

JUMPING for a Vail Lake public opening in 2015.

Almost an enigma among SoCal reservoirs, Vail Lake was once a regular stop for clubs in the 1970’s, produced bass to 18 pounds in the 1980’s and then after developers got into the act, became both a hot ticket and a hot potato as an exclusive (or not), private fishing hole.

In today’s Press Enterprise it was reported that the new manager for the lake and adjacent properties, Rancho California Water District, has plans for improvements, but when they say “family friendly” attractions, that always makes me uneasy.

It’s not that I mind what you and your family do (wink-wink: death-defying, dune-buggy, jump shooters), but who’s making the call–and what do they think is appropriate? Yeah, better roads would be nice. And a better launch ramp.

Yet, when I read, “the district plans to boost revenues by providing a more upscale experience that would appeal to the wine-tasting, and snowbird crowd,” I wonder, will that include bass fishermen who will show up 12 months of the year in $20,000 to $60,000 rigs? Or is something else in the works?

The article concludes with, “…those who paid to use the lake with have membership end in December, after which the district will consider new fees for use of the property and lake.”

In the meantime, let it rain and fill ‘er up. Then let’s hope the bass fishing public will get the full benefit of a reopening.


6 Responses to “Vail Lake reopening a reality in 2015?”

Been open to the public already GK. Sent a buddy there for the day with his kids and he paid a fee for the day as a non member. I just hope that the new launch ramp gets finished before I go again. Them ramps are tough on the trailers.

Any org have it on their team schedule?

Guess I should get my joint bass fishing and wine tasting sunset cruise business started.

Zara spook in the summertime ,Bayou Bay!!!!!.remember Mike Jones big cover shot in WON.? Caught my first limit of bass on plastics,1983. Manns purple auger-tail,north shore points, I was 13. got a 8 lb , my biggest for a while ,split shooting salt and pepper Twin-T’s worm at the ledge by launch ramp in January 1985. My dad skin mounted it for me. Vail is a gem, can’t believe it’s opening again.,or should I say hopefully?

I’ve never been to Vail Lake.

The PE writer Aaron Claverie had this to add on FB when asked about fishing opportunities:

“Fishing should be A-OK. They want to focus on non intensive uses and they are talking about expanding the size of the lake. They didn’t discuss stocking plans, etc. They likely will create new rules on lake access for 2016 that would lower the prices for people who want to put a boat in the water. Right now they allow shoreline fishing on a day pass for $10. It’s $100 plus to put a boat in for non resort members.”