smokey joe

SMOKEY JOE, a color I remember from Cordell Lures.

I hope there are many who mourn for the passing of Cotton Cordell, today, at the age of 86. The angler/luremaker is indeed, the one those names that still endures. Yet, I have come to understand that with age more of us tend to look back–while a younger generation can’t imagine the interest or the attachment.

Cotton wasn’t a friend in the traditional sense, but whenever we crossed paths over the years following my very first press junket to Hot Springs, Arkansas back in 1977, it took him only moments to put a name with a face–and his face seemed always to wear a smile.

Clearly, many others will have stories about Cotton and about the baits (more…)

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SEEMS FAR AWAY, but law now requires a boater “license.”

Sweeping up the confetti and tossing away the decorations from last night’s gathering, you’d think I’m talking about your 2015 fishing license. But not so.

Instead, California anglers can expect to be asked for their “boaters license” following a newly passed California law that goes into effect today. So you don’t have yours?

After enduring yet another season with too many boating fatalities, state legislators have decided to take matters into their own hands, and the Governor has signed the new legislation, SB 941. In fact, he did so back in September of 2014!

In case you missed it, (more…)

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