I’ve heard all the arguments. The Bassmasters Classic World Championship is supposed to be a challenge and putting it on during the winter, as opposed to fall or, heck, summer, means the weather could turn the event into an episode of “Survivor.”

Then sure enough–boom! Here they are at Lake Hartwell in South Carolina today and they can’t get out for the first round. With wind chill, icy roads, low visibility and anything else you’d like to include under the heading of crappy weather, they’ve pushed things back a day.

There is a little problem with outdoor sports.  Haven’t promoters learned anything? They had an “Ice Bowl” football title game in Green Bay, Wisconsin decades ago and though it was an epic contest, since then they have generally avoided playing championships where even snowmen have to wear Under Armor.

The problem with a bass fishing championship, they want to hold it close to a stadium or convention center where they can get the folks to cheer on cue for guys that don’t live there, or who probably wouldn’t even launch there unless they were forced to.

Understood. Other parts of the country offer more lake/river options, and those waters around bigger cities have suitable auditoriums for a championship. But in those same places, February is still winter.  Wouldn’t it be preferable to hold the event at a more pleasant time of year, or better yet, just go where the weather doesn’t stink?

Some would lobby for Florida in winter; I’m a bit more partial to say, Lake Havasu.

Only Dean Rojas, a Lake Havasu City resident, would be considered a “local,” but heck, those guys never win. Unfortunately, when it comes to suitable venues to hold a televised weigh-in, I don’t think Havasu Lanes on McCulloch Blvd. is going to get the job done.

So that’s where we are. Havasu is out, and butt-freezing is in.


7 Responses to “Winter a baaaad season for the ‘Classic’”

LOL they got it done and a local won. Record crowds and record Cold. The West Coast guys like it here….big money fishing on the east coast because we SHOW-UP with cash. West Coast show them THE MONEY and you too can get the BIG SHOW.

Who did win, anyway? We were watching the Academy Awards out here. 😉

Casey Ashley won.

Yeah. Didn’t move the needle much here in the West.

Agree that the “Super Bowl” or world championship of bass should not be held during the winter. It would make sense to have the end of year championship closer to the end of the year. I guess BASS wanted to separate the AOY race and Classic. I would rather see the Classic fished when its warm. Congrats to Casey Ashley on the win.

They {BASS} get better {numbers} for a winter classic. If it had been nice enough to gofishit I would have…LOL EXPO was PACKED all 3 days….fishheads spending money like drunk sailors…LOL

Schedule it for the harshest of conditions – either the dog days of summer or the dead of winter. Winter makes the most sense given the season and AOY. Make it the toughest test of skill – IMHO.